This page contains test data for Tieto in System Vendor Trial

Calculations System Vendor Trial

Previously distributed 23.08.2017.
Added as ZIP-file upon request from Hafslund 13.09.2017.


Testdata is now available. Please download zipfile attached to this page prefixed “Thirdparty_”


Organization number: 910301829
Name: Kinsarvik og Laksevåg Revisjon

Private person

EnduserID: 23079415219
Firstname: Test10
Lastname: Elhub

It is important that the enduser will be either one of these, in order to test successfully.

Please let us know when you have performed your test of BRS-NO-622, so we can approve your access. Send us the Metering Point ID you’ve requested access for.

March 2017

Test data for test cases in System Vendor Trial round 1-3.