Test data System Vendor Trial

Test data for System Vendor Trial will be distributed to each System Vendor in the underlying child pages.

Test data to be distributed

  • Bulk: Will be distributed when verified in Elhub’s User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Compello: Testdata for testing polling will be distributed

Recently distributed test data

  • Third Parties: BRS-NO-622 – published 06.10.2017
  • Polling: Smarthub for Nesset and Sandøy – published 15.09.2017

Current test data issues:

July 2017

  • BRS-NO-202, 211, 211 correction, 212, 213, 221-1, 221-2, 222, 223, 224, 301, 302, 303, 306, 312, 313: Start of occurance was not midnight aligned. Solution to this problem is in progress and partly solved.
  • BRS-NO-101: The first metering point is invalid and should not be used. The rest of the test data related to BRS-NO-101 is correct and should be possible to use when testing BRS-NO-101.
  • BRS-NO-306, 312: Missing period volumes. Analysis in progress.
  • BRS-NO-622: Duplicate End Users causing invalid contracts. New test data will be distributed.
  • BRS-NO-121: Missing test data. New test data will be distributed.

March-June 2017

  • BRS-NO-104: Test data is outdated. Run BRS-NO-123 first.
  • All BRS’ with End User contracts: Duplicated End User postal address. Data not used by week 34 has been fixed.

System Vendor’s test data-pages

 Balcoo  Brady
 Cebyc  CGI
 EG Utility  Embriq
 Empower IM OY  Energi Danmark
 Enoro  eRate
 eSmart Systems  Gurusoft
 Kinect Energy  Otovo
 Powel  Props
 Siemens  Smarthub
 Statnett  Tibber
 Tieto  Valider