Status meetings with System vendors 2018

Minutes of meeting 19th of January 2018

  • Downtime Exatest2 week 3: 2 hours past deployment.Thursday 18/1.
  • Status on BRS’es are updated on 305-defects are fixed and 305 can be tested week 4. We will consider if 503 should be tested in Exatest2.
  • Status per System vendor to M7 will be reported on based on the existing requirements. We will add comments to the status if needed.

Minutes of meeting 12th of January 2018

  • Downtime in Systest3 week 2:
    Tuesday 9/1 10:47-16:00. Problems with archiving system.
    Thursday 11/1 11:50-16:00. Database-problems.
  • A new System vendor is approved for M7, Powel.
  • One criteria for M7 is that Systest3 must be available 2 week continously. If this is not met we will consider to postpone the date for M7.
  • We will check the possibility to increase the size of poll-responses from Elhub from todays limit of 5Mb

Minutes of meeting 5th of January 2018

  • We had 2 days downtime in Systest3 week 1. This was caused by a reboot of the AWS server and change of IP address which stopped all incoming requests to Systest3 until the DNS was updated. We will now get a fixed IP-address for Systest3.
  • We will update status on BRS’es in Systest3 on
  • System vendors must upload new testdata to be able to run test cases for BRS-NO-305. Testdata can be downloaded from
  • Next deployment to Systest3 will be done 17.January.