Systest3 - test environment

Attached Excel-document shows status on Systest3 (SVT-environment). Status is shown pr. testcase/BRS based on internal and external verification.

Service window:

Elhub service-window is between 17.30 and 08.00 CET, and there may be instability in the system in this period.
Wednesdays the system will be unavailable from 15.00 CET due to weekly deploy.

URL for endpoints Systest3 (SVT-environment):


Systest3 is available for testing for system vendors. Please follow the status on BRS’s in the Excel Status sheet below.

Explanations to attached Excel-document

  • Sheet 1 shows status pr. BRS. Sheet 2 and 3 shows open and fixed defects.
  • Internal status is result of verification done by Elhub operators, and external status is based on Test logs from System vendors.
  • The column External Status is green if one or more System vendor has reported it as passed. It will be set to red if no vendors has reported it passed and 1 or more vendor has reported is as failed.
  • The date shows when the status latest was changed.

The status sheet was last updated 23.3.2018.