System approval - Instructions

This page describes the requirements for approval of systems to be used by the Market parties against Elhub. The attached document below lists all test cases that are part of the total scope for approval. Each System vendor must define which test cases that are relevant for them and that will be their specific scope for approval.
Status per system must be reported using the Test log. As soon as a system is approved, the “System approved (godkjent)” column in the “Aktørstatus (Market party status)” on be set to green.
All Market parties must have their systems approved before they can perform Market party approval (Aktørgodkjenning).

Acceptance criterias:

  • All relevant test cases set to green in internal verification are executed minimum 1 time either in Systest3 or Exatest2
  • If requested, defined test cases are retested by the System vendor due to major changes in Elhub
  • All messages described in the test case are processed correctly
  • There are no open, critical defects in own system

Description of test cases in scope for system approval:

Status testcase in Systest3 with known bugs:

Status Systest3

Test log:

Calculations test

Calculations test for systems supporting the role Grid owner will be agreed separatly.

For Balance supplier/Balance responsible roles we have created a MGA where we are running calculations in Systest3. Elhub is set as Grid owner and are sending in metering values on a regular basis.
To test reception of PPC/FPC as well as imbalance settlement results, you as Balance Suppliers (and Balance Responsible Parties) must join this MGA by sending in a Move in back in time (BRS-NO-103) in one of the Metering points in the last testdata sets published March 2018.

You will find description of the Calculations test and test cases here.