Communication channels


Elhub reports daily status of Systest3 on HipChat. This is also the channel for discussing daily test issues. All conversations in HipChat are persistent, which means that logs do not disappear. If someone communicates in the room while you are idle, the log will be visible for you when you log on. We encourage all System Vendors to sign up and connect with us on the domain, room System Vendor Trial.

Go to this page: HipChat Invite to register a user if you are new to HipChat

Defect handling during SVT

Description of defect registration and management during System Vendor Trial:

  • All incidents or errors must be sent to
  • System Vendors should wait minimum 1 hour after a request is sent before reporting missing response.
  • Email should contain
          a) Description of what is incorrect or missing
          b) BRS-number
          c) Exact timestamp for request
          d) Metering-point ID if relevant
  • Elhub will analyse the received information and determine if the error is caused by
          a) Error in incoming request – Must be corrected by System vendor and retested
          b) Technical or environmental error in Elhub – Must be retested when environment is corrected
          c) Functional error in Elhub – Will be raised as a defect in Elhub and must be retested when the defect is           corrected
          d) Others