System adaptation and test

Establishing Elhub entails both functional changes in market processes in the electricity market and technological changes in the message exchange.

For Balance Suppliers and Grid Owners this entails:
• change their internal work processes and implement internal training
• make adjustments in IT systems and external interfaces and ensure that the IT system is certified in the Ediel portal
• certification in the Ediel portal
• obtain approval in Elhub
It is the market parties themselves who is responsible for the points above, but the Elhub project will follow up and assist the market parties in both the planning and implementation of their internal projects.

Certification per role and system combination

Each market party has to go through a formal approval process in two steps as described below. It is important that market parties are aware what role they will have in relation to Elhub because certification and approval is done per role and not per market party. The roles are described in “Elhub Role and information model”: http: //


It is the core system that is the source for information exchange with Elhub and that generates the message content. Traditionally, core systems have been divided into Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Metering Value Systems (MVS). It is now being developed new types of systems that cover the whole/part of CIS and MVS and additionally protects new functionality for handling AMS. The integration team is either separate EDI solutions or additions to core systems.

The process

The certification- and approval process consists of four steps:
1. System certification in the Ediel portal. Verification of the market parties systems and system combinations supports Elhub technical specification (EMIF) and message specification (BIM).
2. System Approval in Elhub. Verification that the market processes are correctly implemented in the systems and the system combination works end to end in Elhub
3. Market party Certification in the Ediel portal: // Verifying that the market party can exchange messages with Elhub on the correct format with the system combination the market party shall use in Elhub for the relevant roles
4. Market party Approval in Elhub. Verification that the market party can perform an end-to-end process with other market parties through Elhub for the relevant roles

Go to Checklist for system adaption and market party test for tips on activities the market parties should perform to obtain approval in Elhub (NB! Documents only exists in Norwegian)