Milestone Plan for Grid Owners and Balance Suppliers

To ensure that all market parties have a steady progression in the work and are ready for Elhub commissioning on the scheduled date the Elhub project has prepared a milestone plan that all market participants must follow.

There are a total of 6 defined milestones that all market parties have to follow. For each milestone it is defined one or more specific acceptance criteria which must be satisfied as well as a “recommended status” describing other areas where market parties should have progression. The Elhub project will follow up all market parties at each milestone. NVE can make decisions on coercive for companies that can not document progress in accordance with the milestone schedule. Note that the Balance Supplier and the Grid Owner in vertically integrated companies are treated as two independent market parties, each of whom must make their preparations and follow the milestones separately.

Note that the date of a given milestone is the deadline for when all market parties should have passed the milestone. Each party is encouraged to plan in order to pass the milestone in good time before the specified date

NB! The Elhub Go Live date is postponed due to delay in the launch of Nordic Balance Settlement New Go Live date will be decided in August 2016.

Detailed milestone plan, acceptanse criteria and data quality requirements new oct16

For each milestone it is defined own Requirements for data quality.


The Elhub project has developed checklists for market parties on activities to be done in connection with the milestones. There is one checklist for migration and one for system customization and testing.