Data quality and requirements

Data that is migrated to Elhub is categorized into different data categories, which are classified into three criticality levels. For each criticality level it has been defined measurable quality requirements for Grid Owners and Balance Suppliers. This is indicated in the table below.

NB! The Elhub Go Live date is postponed due to delay in the launch of Nordic Balance Settlement New Go Live date will be decided in August 2016.

Data quality requirments model

The Elhub project calculates data quality for migrated data for each Market Party at the metering point level. A metering point is either correct or incorrect. Errors are defined as followed:
- If a metering point is not migrated or is missing or incorrect from level 1 the metering point will have a level 1 error
- If a level 2 field is missing or incorrect the metering point will have a level 2 error
- For Balance Supplier an inconsitence with Grid Owner is considered as an error on a field

Total data quality for a Market Party is equal to the amount of correct migrated metering points in percentage, per level.

To ensure steady improvement of data quality Market Parties’ data quality will be measured and followed up on each milestone. To see data quality requirements at the various milestones go to the page Test & Migration.

Data criticality tables per field and migration file can be found in Migration File Format .