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Data migration

Data migration means that Balance Suppliers and Grid Owners transmit data from their systems to Elhub. This also includes improved quality control and quality assurance of the data.

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Market Party milestones and checklists

To ensure that all market parties have a steady progression in the work and are ready for Elhub commissioning on the scheduled date the Elhub project has prepared a milestone plan that all market participants must follow.

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Migration file format

When data is transferred from the Market parties’ systems to Elhub it is transferred via the DAM tool. A separate file format for migrating and a separate file format for deviations files is specified.

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Employees of approximately 350 market participants will begin to work with Elhub daily from February 2017. This means that these “new users” needs the new requirements and market rules and the new work processes and they must carry out their tasks in a different way than today.

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