New plan for the introduction of Elhub

It has now been adopted a new plan for the introduction of Elhub, which involves the startup (Go Live-date) of Elhub at October 23rd 2017.

The new introduction plan has been prepared based on the NBS project’s schedule and new Go Live date which is set to Monday May 1st 2017, it is also based on input from the Expert group for test and migration and NVE. The plan entails that all Grid Owners and Balance Suppliers must have completed their test and migration activities within the summer 2017. The time after the summer is planned for preparation, testing and implementation of the Go Live-process. Milestone M6 with deadline July 1st 2017 implies that the Market Parties has achieved Elhub’s data quality requirements and that the Market Party is certified and approved for communication towards Elhub.

Market Parties and System Vendors shall now follow activities in the new milestone plan with new dates towards Go Live in October. New superior milestone plan and detailed milestone plan with data quality requirements for each milestone will always be available and updated on the page Test & Migration.

Milepælsplan ny sep 2016

Milestone M4b

Deadline for completing the upcoming milestone M4b is December 1st 2016. It must be migrated a full upload at Wednesday October 26th and a delta upload Wednesday November 30th. Read more about Migration to milestone M4b.

In addition to the migration the System Vendors systems must be approved in test round 2 towards Elhub.

Elhubs Press Release