Role model

The figure below describes on an overall conceptual way how market parties and their service providers will be organized in Elhub.

Role model

At market party level we make a distinction between what we call Market Parties and Service Providers.

Market parties are the ones that have a market function in the electricity market, such as Balance Suppliers at a metering point or grid owners for a Metering Grid Area. It is always market parties who will be the legal responsible for possessing a concession from NVE where this is required.

Market parties are divided into different market party types. A Grid Company will contain the market party type Grid Owner and the market party type Regulated Balance Supplier. The market party type Balance Supplier and Balance Responsible is often organized in the same organisation. The market party type Grid Owner and the market party type Balance Supplier shall be corporately separated from 2019.

Service Providers are parties/companies that provides services to market parties. They may be responsible for the physical message exchange (that will physically communicate with Elhubs B2B/EMIF interface, CSP) or they also attends to business functions for a market party, such as metering value collecting, VEE and submission of metetring values to Elhub.

A market partys GLN is the identification of an market party in Elhub together with one or more market party types. A GLN can not be shared between multiple market party types, except GLN for Balance Responsible, which can be shared with GLN for Balance Supplier or Regulated Balance Supplier.

If a Market Party also wants to be a Service Provider to other market parties, the market party type Service Provider can use the same GLN as a Market Party, or it can choose to use a separate GLN. Clean Service Providers will only have market party type Service Provider with an associated GLN.

All market party types/GLN numbers will be linked to a legal entity and a legal entity can include several market party types/GLN.

At the next level in the model we find Market Roles. These correspond largely with what we find in the Norwegian role model which is based on ENTSO-E/ebIX’s harmonized role model.

In Elhub context these are used to gather market processes and tasks that the different Market Parties are responsible for. In one role there will be one set of processes (BRS) that must be supported. This is documented in the table BRS Role Overview below.

For all market roles, except for the Metered Data Collector, which has some special characteristics, the Market Party will be defined as legal sender. The Market Party may have a service provider which is responsible for the actual execution of the different roles. This can be defined in two ways:

  1. The Service Provider is the physical sender (CSP) in communication with Elhub for the role.
  2. The Market Party have assigned the Service Provider with rights to their domain in Elhubs web portal (as proxy/BSP) for the role.

The role Metered Data Collector is an exception in that other Market Parties or Service Providers will be able to stand as legal sender for the role on behalf of the Grid Owner. Authorization of Metered Data Collector which is not a Grid Owner itself will be done by the Grid Owner in Elhubs web portal.

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