The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has assigned Statnett the task of establishing a so-called datahub that will encompass all metering data for electricity in Norway.

What is Elhub?
NVE has commissioned Statnett to establish a so-called datahub which shall include all metering data for electricity in Norway. This involves the establishment and operation of a permanent service in the electricity market that will act as a liaison between grid owners and balance suppliers. The project is called Elhub which will also be the name of the future service when it is put into operation. The project is organized and implemented according to Statnett’s project model. In addition, the industry and government (NVE) will be involved through industry counsils and expert groups.

The Elhub project
In 2013, NVE decided that it will be established a datahub in Norway. The paramount purpose of Elhub is to establish an economically efficient IT-infrastructure for the retail market for electricity in Norway.
The adoption of Elhub will help to achieve the following objectives:
• Efficient distribution of metered values with high quality
• Cost savings in that Elhub perform a set of tasks that grid owners would otherwise have to do separately
• Simpler business processes, such as supplier switch
• Facilitating supplier centric market model
• Exploit the technological potential of AMS relative to smart solutions and services for both grid owners, suppliers and end users
• Nordic harmonization of retail markets
• Market neutrality through equal treatment of market parties

How does Elhub work?
When an end user consumes electricity it is registered by the AMS meter. The total consumption of the end user is transferred to the grid owner in the grid area and continued into Elhub within 7AM the following day, and are available for balance supplier and end user at. 9AM. Balance suppliers will then immediately access their customers’ consumption regardless of where the customers are located. This will increase the efficiency of customer service in terms of turnaround time and accuracy in billing, switching supplier etc.

Elhubs role in the electricity market
Elhub shall ensure effective storage and distribution of metering values with high quality and data security. A central principle of the new regulations is that end users own their own electricity data, and that they can see and decide who gets access to the data.

Everyone talks to elhub model

Elhub will ensure effective storage and distribution of metering values and customer information between market parties in the electricity market. Elhub will calculate settlement data, deviation substrates and perform deviation settlement for profile settled metering points.

In collaboration with the industry the Elhub project has defined a new set of market processes , message formats and a VEE-guide that will support grid owners in their daily collection and control of metering values before submitting to Elhub.

Elhub web portal
Elhub is the central datahub for metering values and market processes in the Norwegian electricity market. A balance supplier is dependent on the continuous exchange of information with end users’ grid owners in order to operate their business. Elhub represents a new role as a neutral and central link between grid owners and balance suppliers that enables all market parties to only have one interface to deal with. Elhub will take over some of the monopoly tasks grid owners perform separately today. Elhub will therefore not solve tasks that balance suppliers and the market itself can solve. Elhub is dimensioned to handle the large amounts of data thar will be generated as AMS meters are rolled out, and could be scaled up to handle meter readings down to every 15 minutes.

Web solution
Elhub will offer market parties a web solution (portal) so that they can manage and monitor key processes and the quality of data being submitted. The portal will be able to get graphical monitoring of their own work processes, execute queries and reports.

Elhub functional model

Elhub presentations for download